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The comic,Hedgehogs and Echidnas, is a sprite coimc in which authors playing a Hedgehog or Echidna may join. To put it in to a catigory,an author comic. My thanks goes outto all who add "Hedgehogs and Echidnas" to their favorites.The main things in the comic are humor,action,and romance.From time-to-time fox authors may join aswell,but we don't want any more then 6. K.T. is the author that gave this comic it's life,since then its roots have grown thanks to your suppport.If you're an author,the following pe


School's coming, Less comics, end of story.


I have taken note that, as of now, no one has been posting. We, the authors, should be devoured by shame right now as some people actually do read this sprite comic. And, more recently, I've noted that more and more authors have been joining. I think it wise to place a limit as to the number of authors that can join.] In spite of the lack of comics, I have deleted every one of my strips and my sprite sheet. In a day or so I WILL have my new one posted. Hopefully, it'll be better then my old one.

And that is the news for today.

Lloyd's small problem

hello, I'm Lloyd, if you didn't know already, i'll be in this comic soon, but i'm having computer problems, so it'll be awhile before you get a comic from me.

New buttons

I put in better buttons for the FIRST, NEXT, LAST, and LATEST buttons.

- Saint


I finally posted sprites on the sprite page... but there isn't enough... Oh well better than one

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